Eisenhower Park

  1. Sub Locations

    1. Field #1
    2. Field #2
    3. Field #3
    4. Field #6
    5. Field #14
    6. Field #15
    7. Field D

    Eisenhower Park

    Take Meadowbrook Parkway North to Exit M3 East/Stewart Ave. Make a right onto Stewart Ave and take this until into park.
    Take Meadowbrook Parkway South to Exit M3/Stewart Ave. Make a left onto Stewart Ave and take this into the park. 
    For Fields # 1, 2 & 3: Park in parking field 1, which is also the entrance to the Aquatic Center and Safety Town. It is located on Merrick Ave just north of Hempstead Tpke.
    For Field #6: park in parking field 8, which is located just inside the entrance to the park located at Merrick and Stewart Ave. The field is next to a white building which is the park's Activities Center.
    For Field D: park in parking field 4 which is closer to the Hempstead Tpke entrance/exit to the park.
    For Field #'s 14 & 15: park in parking field 5 (middle of park) 

    For field #16: park in parking lot 6/6A. Stay to the left in the parking lot, the field has the aquatic center.

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